Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When I'm bored with the continuous same kind of work

This morning I was forced to help mum in making the "GOONG ZHAI" biscuits.

No choice lor, who asked me to be the most nothing-to-do person at home~

** roll roll roll**
** press press press**
** bang bang bang**

Out the moulded biscuit came!

My favourite mould

After an hour doing the same procedures, sure got bored one. So, thought of something else to do.


Sh*t among the biscuits??? =p

It's the easiest to make!

Ginger bread man

Mickey (a bit cacat rupa =p)


Poccucake (Someone named it for me years ago)

Weirdo poccupine mooncake

When my mum saw those, of course got a bit of scoldings le!! But luckily she didn't crush my masterpieces, haha~

Next time should think of moulding other shapes, hohoho~

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