Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bong!

Steamboat @ Le Garden, Dataran Pahlawan.

I joined a group of senior PRPs for dinner cum celebration of a friend's birthday. This friend has helped me a lot a lot ever since I got to know that I was posted to Malacca. She always offers me help, asking anything that I need, fetches me on and off work and settles my transport problem if she's not free to give me a ride. Without her, my start in Malacca sure would be so lost!


Bong, the birthday girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!

Her Baker's Cottage cheese cake.
Although I'm not a cheese fan, I think this' yummilicious! =)

With 2 already known friends & 2 new known friends

With Bong

All from UM ^_^

Each and everyone of them is so nice. It's so great to know them!


Early celebration

A week ++ early birthday celebration for CC @ josephine Cafe & Bistro. But the bill was not paid by ME, hoho~

josephine Cafe & Bistro @ Ipoh

CC's don't know what chocolate, looked very nice~

My mint tea~

CC's grilled chicken sausages

My seafood spaghetti
(The lady boss asked the chef to cook it with tomato sauce cuz I told her cheesy stuffs' not my fav. So nice of her! ^_^)

So hungry...

Dessert: Pancake with ice-cream

No cake for CC cuz he said he didn't want although I offered to buy him one. Haha~ Can save my money! But, his birthday gift.... burnt a small hole in my pocket! A small hole only la, haha.. still can survive de.

(Don't worry la, I won't live on bread & cup noodles... =p)



On this such special day, apart from our Malay friends who were enjoying Raya, our 'long-disappeared-from-hosting-gathering's HW has once again organized a BBQ, celebrating Raya + Mid Autumn Festival. =)

Tasks were then assigned. HOWEVER... Mr. PCS who was assigned to be in charged of the stove CABUT DIRI in the end, saying he would be late for the party. And in the end, I still gave him 2 of my best BBQ-ed chicken wings!

Mr. PCS =p

Sambal sotong prepared by HW

The guys~

The girls~

Liquor sponsored by Seon~

Card game that actually didn't have any purpose

People with small number cards will...

be caged! LOLS~

BUT, in the everyone got their turns to get inside -.-ll
We're really still like school kids! =p

Although I had headache after got home (due to the liquor), I had a crazy night with my hometown pals!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Family Photos

My family's first proper family photos are back!
The photos are quite nice although couldn't satisfy everyone, haha~ Cuz when selecting, in this photo sis rejected, saying she looked weird; in that photo mum rejected, saying she looked plump; then bro rejected this; then I rejected that...

Out of the long discussion, rejection, agreement, these are the final outcomes.

' 1 Family 6 Mouth'

Family + the naughty fella that always makes our blood pressure shoot up high!

~ Stanley . Liv . Jym . Yee-eee ~

Out of the heavy and thick robes and hats! Phew~!

And lastly...

My solo shot ^_^
My dad's having a headache to find suitable places to occupy these photos =p

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dearest Tulips

If someone ask me what's my favourite flower, I would say TULIPS!!!

So... Mr. CM.C, I LOVE TULIPS! okie? ^_^

~ Sea of tulips ~

Today a friend of mine at Aussie visited tulip farm in Lilydale. As I requested her to send me 'tulips' the night before, so here's what she sent me....


Although they're not real, it still brighten up my tiring day!
Thank you so much, S.K!

Hope I'll have the chance to visit tulip farm on my own ONE DAY!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Water Crisis

My house's facing water crisis!!!

The crisis has come to the level that I can't even bathe at home as there's NO WATER coming out from the shower. The water tank has been drained up, now only can supply the toilets' basin...

*** Don't think I'm smelling bad now cuz I just had my bath next door! Hahaha~ The auntie next door was so kind that she borrowed her bathroom for us to bathe. ^_^ ***

The cause of the crisis is:

Due to some leakage somewhere, we had to closed the main pipe outside of the house (the water meter has been running at high speed for the past month!). During the period then, the water tank was being used while waiting for the pipe worker to come. Wait wait wait... still didn't come... However, yesterday right after my bath, the showers in my house 'stopped' flowing out water ady. NO MORE WATER IN THE WATER TANK!! huhu~


Finally, yesterday night the pipe worker came to check the piping system in the house.

Really beh tahan to live without water!! Can't bathe at home, can't wash clothes at home. Luckily 2 more days, I'm going back Kampar ady.

The Mr.Pipe worker promised to fix and settle the piping system on FRIDAY!!! HOPEFULLY after raya holidays, the water crisis will be over.



mah fan auntie next door lor, hihi... paiseh

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm at Malacca now... I got a place to stay... I got friends to fetch me to work and off work, ahahahah~ (A BIG THANKS TO MY NEWLY KNOWN HOUSEMATE and COLLEAGUE cum FRIEND!) Although not really settled down yet, I've started my work this week onwards... Lots to refresh back, lots to catch up, lots to learn, lots to cope up with... I hope I have enough determination and strength to deal with all the things coming...

Today was the first day that I started my job officially and I've been sent to attend the clinical meeting... pengsan-le... really blurred during whole meeting.. =p

One good news is:



Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coconut Crystal Mooncake ^_^

Last few days, I came across one of mum's newly purchased recipe book - Fashionable Jelly Mooncakes! The mooncake illustrations shown inside really 'caught' my interest. Then I ran to my mum, begging her to buy the desired ingredients and make the mooncakes with me, haha~

After going through the whole recipe book, I picked out the flavour I like the most and added in some that I love, hihi~

And my decision was...

with coconut flesh and red bean filling!

The recipe book that caught my attention.

Yesterday's work: The making of the red bean fillings.
Stirring the red bean paste with the aid of heat.

A newbie's work =p
Unrealised that the bottom had stirred till burnt.. PAISEH!
HOWEVER, my mum said although it got a bit burnt, it smelled good also together with the burnt smell, hoho~

The red bean paste being moulded. These are the mooncakes' fillings.

Today's work: The making of the mooncakes.
Moulding the mooncakes...

My mix-and-match mooncakes are formed!!!

Made from 100% young coconut juice + jelly powder with red bean filling and...
You can see through the sliced coconut flesh!! =)

Cut into half.

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures. Home digicam is taken away by brother . So the pictures were just taken by my mobile phone.

I think this would be the last edible thing that I made for my holidays before working.

Going to start my work next week!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2 Surprise Visits

An uneventful day as today was spiced up by 2 visits from 2 gentlemen! They came with gifts in hands for me, hohoho~!

1. A pen from Rachel as my belated graduation gift.
Rachel, a junior I knew when I was the facilitator during her orientation in Perak Matriculation College, the intake after I graduated. Then, she was enrolled into UM too! And we managed to keep in touch all these years. Thank you for your gift ya!

Thanks to Seon~ who came delivering the gift from Rachel to me although something happened to your family. May God bless you and your family no matter where they are.

2. A Malacca map from Mr. Au.
He really bought me a map of Malacca (cuz he said he couldn't afford me a GPS, haha~) after I told him I got posted to Malacca! Thank you so much for this! It'll be really useful for me in the days ahead~


I had a successful deal with Mr. Nobita today! Thanks to his blog for letting me know about the news. I succeeded in grabbing his extra sets of First Day Cover released by Pos Malaysia in conjunction with Malaysia 52nd Independence Day. And he didn't charge me extra for them! Hohoho~

The Miniature series

Left to Right:
1 Malaysia series - Perpaduan series - Rakyat Didahulukan series

Not able to add into my collection, the Pencapaian Diutamakan series.