Monday, March 30, 2009

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun. Another Stephanie Meyer's masterpiece. It's actually another version of Twilight, but from Edward's viewpoint. Somehow, before the completion of the draft of this book, don't know how, the draft was obtained by someone and posted illegally in net. Now, the author made the draft available in her official website. To Twilight series fans out there, please visit Stephanie Meyer official website ( to read Midnight Sun (incomplete draft).
Still, I hope that this book will be published.

** I've downloaded the PDF file of Midnight Sun. Am I strong enough to resist the temptation from reading it? I NEED TO FINISH MY WRITE UP IN 2 WEEKS TIME!!! HELP!!! **

Monday, March 23, 2009

1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009

The 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009 was co-organised by Malaysian Sport Aviation Federation (MSAF) and AKA Balloon Sdn Bhd on the 19th until 22nd of March. I got to know this event from a friend and we went there to have a look on Saturday evening.

The fiesta was made merrier by activities such as bazaar, carnival, promo booths, kite-flying, para-motor and aero-model exhibiton. And of course, the main attraction was at the ‘Monumen Alaf Baru’, Precinct 2, where the hot air balloons would take off. There were 16 balloons participating in the fiesta, coming from all around the world, included New Zealand, Netherlands, Japan, USA, France, Philippines, Switzerland, Belgium and not forgetting - MALAYSIA!

The hot air balloons came in standard shaped and special shaped such as orange, peacock, clown face, elephant and nescafe mug!! We waited for more than an hour before the take off of the first hot air balloon as the flight of the balloons was delayed due to the windy weather. Fortunately, the event was continued although it was still windy. Thanks to the balloon pilots!!

*** The yellow balloon was from MALAYSIA ***

Below are photos I got from some other websites (we left before these were released up into the sky)

There was also a special performance namely "Night Glow" on Saturday night where the balloons would 'fire up' according to the rhythm of music (we didn't managed to see this as well T.T). The picture below I found in someone's blog. =)

A video I found from youtube on the "Night Glow" ^_^

Although we missed out the cute shaped balloons and the Night Glow special performance but still, it's an enjoyable outing at Putrajaya last Saturday (I abandoned my FYP to come to see the balloons!!! =p)


Thursday, March 19, 2009


I believe March is a stressful month for lots of final year students as the deadline for submission of the final year project is approaching!
This morning when I was staring at my MSN contact list, something interesting caught my attention.Here it is.

(Please click to have a clearer view ^_^)

Those in yellow frame are mostly negative thinking. Some have developed psycho problems - bipolar, depression, mania. I'm wondering which type I am. =p

Those in green frame think positively, trying to motivate ownself to work hard. GOOD!!!

But there is ONE EXCEPTION. The one circled in red.
While everyone is trying to beat the deadline, accelerating the lab progress, survey progress, working on the write up - this particular one is feeling boring. I believe this particular one's write up is finished as this particular one is always advanced from the rest 'streets away'. Haha~ >.< ~ There is always exception in whatever situation ~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hectic routine

Quite a number of events have taken place for the past 5 days.

With the Biotech test on Monday (yesterday), I still went to 'sesak' with humans at Matta Fair last Friday with some friends. First time went to Matta Fair! Visited a friend who's promoting Grand Kampar Hotel and activities at Kampar there. Cheers to GKH which made its appearance at the fair ^_^
After spending nearly 4 hours there (I nearly dozed off while listening to one of the promoters - not her fault la, it's just I was very tired, hehe), finally we made our decision. Graduation trip has been confirmed! Yippie!

Back to reality after that (mind still full of the trip), finished up the 2 clerkship reports, studied for Biotech during the weekend. Monday was a long day, with Biotech test, clerkship reports submission, Pharm.Prac role play (I played 2 roles- doctor & pharmacist) Back home still needed to prepare for the SPA interview the next day. Had been waking up at 3 something in the morning for 2 consecutive days! Huh~~

SPA interview today! I guess mine was okay. Hopefully will get one of my choice. NO SABAH & SARAWAK please.... =p

Events coming up: clerkship presentation, evaluation of my starch, research write up (wish me luck- i need to finish it in 2 weeks ++), ONE LAST TIME OF FINAL EXAM and finally thesis presentation. 2 months more.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend is supposed to be resting days!!!

Sunday. It's a day which most people will be spending with leisure activities, outing, resting and relaxing. However that doesn't apply to me... I've been finalizing and printing out clerkship reports, resume and interview materials. 100++ pages. Sunday morning's gone.

After that, I tried very hard to get the biotech notes into my head but in vain. The test will be tomorrow. I just couldn't get them in with so many other stuffs cramped inside my head already. And now here I am, abandoning my attempts to study --> blogging!

~ Test, interview, clerkship presentation, settling some matters at science fac, evaluation of my samples, research write up which the due date is in 3 weeks time~ How and when am I going to settle all these things?? Awwwww...

The more I think of the unsettled matters, the more I wish to run away from them.
I want to go to PENANG!!!

Today is March 15th. Happy birthday to a dear friend - Pey Chin!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Days at lab~

Pharmacy Practice Laboratory, my second K.L. home since December last year..
I've been cooking, cooking and cooking sago starch throughout these 3 months until my friend said, when she looks at me, the image of me cooking starch automatically appears in her mind. T.T

Days at lab..
There were days when all lab students did labwork together (I love the noise!).
There were days when I did labwork all alone.
There were days when I did labwork until late at night.
There were days when I did labwork until 2-3am the next morning (returned to lab at 7am the same day).
Those were the days.

The most crucial memory of my starch cooking days was the last day.
I did my labwork alone until 10pm, accompanied only by the sound of the heavy rain, non-stop thunders and lightnings. "No blackout, no blackout please.." I prayed hardly in my heart. Adrenaline pushing through my veins, heart beat accelerating... but I forced myself to calm down and finish my work as soon as possible so that I could go home.
Walking home at night was another scary experience. You imagine: The night has fallen, the corridor and path are dimly lit and you have to walk alone (all alone) certain distance before you can reach the place where finally there will be people around. Guess that these experiences have more or less helped me in 'expanding my guts', haha~

What I did...

The whole stirring process took around 7 hours >.<"

Dried in oven overnight.

Modified starch powder after drying overnight.

Powder grounded and sieved. Finally sample's ready!

Advantage of having hot plate stirrer in lab --> re-heat supper!! Haha~ =p

All these memories will definitely earn a place in my nostalgia. I'll cherish the remaining days at lab. =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Community Outreach Programme 2009

Credits to UM Pharmacy 3rd year students for successfully organizing such a meaningful and memorable event for both the Selayang public and UM Pharmacy students. You guys are terrific!

Venued at Selayang Cheshire Home, hundreds of Selayang locals and the OKU from the Home itself, thronged here to get a look at the health exhibition, health screening (Body Mass Index, blood glucose and blood pressure), counseling on their screening values and also the medications they're taking. Five PRPs from UMMC and the final year students were stationed at the exhibition and counseling counters, ready to serve the people who came for them. Not forgetting there were games and prizes up for grab for the kids! Generous sponsors such as Yakult were also there, giving out free nutrituous drinks; Hovid sponsoring free samples of Vitamin C, Uphamol 650 and vitamin suspension. ** I brought back packets of Vitamin C, coming in sour plum and orange flavours.. They were yummy, that I got 'overdosed' of them, haha~ **

I was lucky that I got into the counseling group in the last minute. The campaign gave me a good opportunity to practise counseling and I had my first time giving real counseling to the public there, with the aid from UMMC PRPs. Thanks to Kai Siang for letting me join the counseling group!

Although the campaign just lasted for a couple of hours, the public response was great and the students were happy that they managed to provide some health awareness to the Selayang people at the very least.

Hope that Community Outreach Programme will become an annual activity of the Pharmacy Society.

Cheers to UM Pharmacy!!!

Monday's blue

2.3.2009 Monday's blue...

Monday's blue because there's a test.
Monday's blue because we got naggings early morning.
Monday's blue because boring lecture dragged past the scheduled time.
Monday's blue because lunch time was shortened.
Monday's blue because role play ate up the whole afternoon.

It was 6pm when we finally called it a day.

Somehow, there was one thing that saved my blue Monday --> I saw a double rainbow today. ^_^