Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hope nobody's coming to ask sweets from me tonight while I'm doing my night call later. =p



Waitin for your souvenirs-la, hohoho~

Can't sms or call you for a week =(

Last day in Store Department

Yesterday I ended my attachment at second station--> Store.

Although lots of my colleague dislike the most to be attached at store (same with me up to a certain point =p), I still had a memorable time there.

First was the preparation for Jamuan Hari Raya where I got closer with some of the staffs especially Mr.Norashid (my kambing panggang sifu! ^_^)

Secondly, what I did during the store attachment was appreciated by one of my supervisor!!

It was 5.10p.m. and I still haven't finished my work assigned to me (cuz Friday's a short day and a few things had taken place earlier). So, no choice, I handed down the work to my colleague who was just posted to store (PAISEH!!). I was getting ready to go home when my supervisor called me, "Chong!"



I thought I had done something wrong. "Oooohhh nooo, not on the last day, at this last minute! What did I do?"

Mana tau....

My supervisor took out some notepads, sticky pads and pens (all were gifts from pharmaceutical companies) and gave them to me.

"Chong, thanks for everything and sorry-lah if I bla bla bla... I nampak you're OK one. Sekali ajar dah tahu macam mana buat. Carolyn (the new colleague whom I handed down my work to her) pun sama..."

OMG!!! Was this a compliment?? Well, I took it as a compliment! HAHAHAHA! I was so happy that I kept on thanking her back!

The gifts from Ms.Hana, my supervisor.

Most importantly...

It felt so good when the things you did were appreciated by others.

Snake in the house!!!

I was on my way to pass something to a colleague when I noticed a group of staffs was surrounding 'something'. Of cuz I joined in the chaos! Haha~







!!!!!! COBRA !!!!!!

The staffs had caught a little cobra somewhere near the store area.

One of the staff was mimicking the act of playing indian trumpet. That's why the snake reacted as snapped in the picture.


I'm not sure what happened to the little one in the end - being thrown away at some place far from hospital??? or being brought back and kept as a pet by one of the staff??? =p

I wonder when the mummy or family of the little cobra will 'visit' the store again, looking for their little one......

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Post-A&E call syndrome

I did my first A&E call last night! (Hopefully I ran the TDM sample for digoxin correctly...). So, I got my auto-off for today. la~ la~ la~

First thing when back home of course was SLEEP!!! Went into coma from 8 to 11~ =p (Why just slept so little? Cuz my stomach woke me up! Hahaha~) After attending to my stomach's call, I took my VyVy for her first service. Walao~! The living cost of her's really no cheap thing! RM130++ flew just like that! Then I got my windscreen, rear screen and both back side windows sprayed with my car number. Another RM40 gone! Huhuhu~ I'm thinking to install an electronic plate security for my VyVy... But it costs 399!!!!!! I better put this aside first as I have a higher priority device in my WISH-TO-BUY list. =p

It complies with all the specifications that I want - wifi, GPS and can support well medical software. The price will definitely used up my saved up salary for the past 2 months. I need to think twice, thrice, ...... tenth and above TIMES!!!

Back home and got into coma AGAIN until 6 something cuz housemates asked for dinner (if not, I think would continue be pig until night or maybe tomorrow morning!! lols~) One night on-call had really deteriorated my conciousness! I LOCKED MY ROOM AND LEFT THE KEY INSIDE!!!!

-.-ll -.-ll -.-ll

So, the final outcome was...

I have to sleep with the door in the state as above for tonight. Huhuhu~ Hopefully nothing comes in....


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend off!

I drove to KL after work on last Friday, so glad that finally I could have my weekend away from GH Malacca! (I've been working EVERYDAY since 5th Oct for 23 consecutive days! -.-ll)

However, half the journey I heard something which was quite scary to me...

Klak... klak... Klak

Klak... klak... Klak

The sound's getting louder~!!!

One month old new car's breaking down???!!!

Reducing my speed to 60km/hr, I had my car rolling to the nearest rest stop. What I saw was......

My car's four tyres were covered with a layer of TAR (with stones sticking on it!). The sound came from those stones... I was blank during that time. HOW WAS I GOING TO CLEAR THAT LAYER OF TAR?? In the end, I just picked out the stones as many as I could... then I didn't care ady la cuz the sky's getting darker. So, I continued my journey with just 60km/hr. When I found that the sound's lesser and softer, I accelerated to 90km/hr. And finally I reached my aunt's house at 8 something. The first I did upon reaching --> inspected the tyres le... PHEW! The layers had gone! Thanks to the rain, I guessed. (KL was raining that time).

Such a dramatic journey! I was so restless all the way. Huh~


I spent my Saturday with my sis and bro at Midvalley.
We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai@ The Gardens (I paid the bill, T.T) and then of cuz shopping! (Mostly just window shopping actually, haha~)

BR caramel waffles @Midvalley


All were bought by me for my bro. He loves Be@rBrick but he never sampai hati to buy it. So, I bought for him. (I'm a good sis! Haha~) The white one (Series 17) was bought yesterday. The other were bought months ago (Purple - Series 15 & Black - Series 18). You can't choose which pattern you want, cuz this kind is the cheapest ma, hihi.. it's kinda like drawing lot.

Shopped for working formals, sienz...

TOPSHOP purse ^_^

An early birthday gift from my siblings! THANKS.. love you guys~


I have to wait next month only can have my one weekend (or 2 if I'm lucky) off to go KL again or back Kampar.

I haven't meet CC for a long time ady.

Birthday celebration


Last Wednesday after work, went to Pahlawan Square Dream Box for my colleague cum housemate's birthday celebration. First K-session at Malacca!

Birthday girl's trying to 'stab' the her cake!! lols

I was the only PRP (Provisionally Registered Pharmacist) in the group, the rest were FRP (Fully Registered Pharmacist).

The guy and the 2 ladies from the right are my housemates.


~ Cheers ~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Awful October!

Another call has been added into my October schedule! Since several colleagues have been transferred to Sabah to continue their services, we, the new PRPs need to cover up their on-calls. And my up-coming calls for next week are....


(A colleague owes me 1 weekend OPD call and I'm going to get less one A&E call next month! ^_^)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Roast-mutton Girl~

Today which was supposed to be my 'auto-off' day post-OPD call on last Saturday and Sunday.


In the end...

I ended up helping the Store Department staffs in the 'Hari Raya Feast' organized by the Pharmacy Department of Malacca Hospital.

*** MY OFF-DAY~~~ huhuhu~~~ ***

I helped to:

1. Peel off the onion skins until tears also rolling down~

2. Cut watermelons into pieces. CHOP!! CHOP!! CHOP!!

This watermelon's 'layu' ady, so it's for illustration purpose. We didn't serve it out. =p

3. Cut nasi impit into pieces


These were 'roti John' freshly made by some of the staffs for those ladies who were busy cutting this and that inside. But seeing the scene, I didn't dare to eat ady



Then, out of 'keh-po-ness' I tried out in the mutton-roasting...

(Busy roasting mutton, of cuz couldn't take photo of me doing the job le, =p)

Here's the proof!!! =p

Fanning hard!


Call 999!!!

My sifu who taught me how to roast good mutton ^_^

That's how I spent my supposed-to-be day off at the feast (not enjoying but became TUKANG PANGGANG!). I left hospital around 1pm, full of the smell of SMOKE and MUTTON!!!

After that I still went to 2 banks to do my banking stuffs. (Don't know the staffs there got smell it anot... =p)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miserable weekend

This is how I am going to spend my weekend.

GREAT, isn't it?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sketching of the day

When the physical stocks ASYIK not tallied with the computer records, I...


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i 'BEH SONG' you!

This afternoon, as I was on my way to get something in order to continue my work, I was stopped dead by a Pembantu Tadbir. It was what she asked.
"Who are you? You siapa?"


QUESTION MARKS popped out from my head!

WHO AM I??!!!

Excuse me, lady.. I've been working at this station for 2 weeks ady and you still wanna ask who I am.... There are only 2 new PRPs (which are me and another colleague) who just joined into the Store Department AND our PRP room is just opposite yours!!!!!! Is it that difficult to remember 2 new faces? I tried to get to know everyone there, their faces and their names. I remember your name. I recognize your face!

Actually I do not care if you do not know who I am. It's just that when you threw out that question, your tone was RUDE!!! You sounded as I was an illegal intruder who wasn't supposed to be there.

I think you should brush up your manner, Lady N!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fully occupied Saturday

It's Saturday. Most people who's on 5-day working scheme were still snoring under their blankets WHILE I had to crawl out of bed at 7am!


I have to work on-call this weekend. My first on-call since I entered Malacca Hospital. BUT it's NOT my turn initially. Someone 'superior' asked me to help someone to do it. Being a freshie at the hospital, sure didn't dare to say 'NO'. So, this weekend's gone, occupied by Methadone call. Prior doing this call, I purposely sacrificed a Saturday 2 weeks ago to learn about the work from a senior. The working time supposed to be from 10am-2pm but I went early to prepare all the things and started syringing out the methadone syrup....
syringe ~ syringe ~ dilute ~ dilute ~ syringe ~ syringe ~ dilute ~ dilute ...
I guessed I've syringed about over HUNDREDS bottles!!! -.-ll

After work, thought of going over to another station to learn about TDM (Therapeutic Drug Monitoring). It's essential to know how to do it during A&E call. But, by the time I was there, there was no more sample to run. T.T
Hopefully tomorrow got sample for me to learn after my methadone work.

3pm. Klu~ klu~ klu~
Stomach was crying! =p I din realize that I didn't have lunch! So, off I went to Tesco (the nearest and the only so-called shopping place that I know how to go, HAHA!). Lunch alone. Since already at Tesco, sure walked around mar... walked around then sure shopping mar.. hehehe~

My 'SOUVENIRS' were:

1. Folding storage box

To store my food supplies!

2. Storage shelf

When I put this in my trolley, an uncle approached me and say "Girl, this one not good! Carrexxxx got sell 3 compartments with just RM10!!" -.-ll Being a polite girl, I sure replied " Oh really? Thanks, uncle". (But I didn't put the shelf back to the displaying rack, haha~)

3. Japanese style folding table

And this is the newly decorated corner! ^_^

After assembling the storage box, table and shelf, I gave my VyVy a bath. Pitied her of being comot comot =p

Such a fully occupied Saturday right?

Another day of Methadone call tomorrow. My Sunday....
T.T sob sob T.T

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Although you never realize of what day today is until I 'reminded' you, I FORGIVE YOU~ cuz I know you're very busy with work and OT till very very late yesterday (but still I was disappointed).

You have to think of something to cheer me up after this!!!! =p

Monday, October 5, 2009

Books in hand

My current 'non-working & non-academic' =p reading materials are-->

The Vampire Diaries: "The Awakening and The Struggle" & " The Fury and Dark Reunion".

My sis borrowed me these books when I was bored during my holidays and I couldn't hit a target book everytime I visited the bookstore.

2nd volume of the Vampire Diaries

I finished the first volume months ago but somehow the second volume I was stucked half book no matter how frequent I read it. It wasn't that the storyline was dull. Err... It's just... Err...

(The truth was everytime I took it out to read, I was so tired after working and would dozed off within 2 pages, haha~!)
I will try to finish it!!!


During the raya weekend, when I was in Ipoh with CC... I came across with this book in a CD shop. Without thinking twice, I bought it! ^_^

'爱的3温暖' - Bibliography by S.H.E.

Gift which came along with the purchase.
I requested for Hebe but the lady boss told me it's out of stock!


Before this, I've ady had 2 bibliographies by S.H.E. also in my book shelf. They are the only CHINESE BOOKS in my collection. =p

This is one of my chinese improving method, hoho~

Satisfiying weekend

Although I just managed to spend one and a half day at Kampar, I was satisfied.

I did a lot of things in that 30 ++ hours -->

" Spent Mid Autumn Festival day with my lovely family and friends, sang K, tea session, tried my 'VyVy' out and planned a surprise mooncake delivery to a dear friend. Fortunately I managed to grab a few from my house fridge before they were all gulped down! I succeeded in throwing her a surprise delivery in person! (You looked cute in that Winnie the Pooh night dress ^_^ ) "

Back to Malacca on Sunday (I accomplished my first driving out of Perak all alone!). Another new month, another start for me. Cuz I moved to another room (same house), so there were a lot of cleaning, tidying, packing to do. By the time I finished, it's ady near to midnight! My energy level was reaching NIL after the driving and housechores.


The next day...

But my VyVy comot ady due to the rain. T.T

For the month of October, it will be a dull month for me as I'm stationed in a boring department. Today was the first day and all I did in the 8 working hours were merely faxing and following up 3 purchase orders! Numerous times, I nearly dozed off, sitting there doing nothing. =p

I guess for the rest of the month, I can spend my working time to study for my forensic exam ady. =)