Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Smile over gloominess

My day started off gloomily, with no breakfast and WORST of all, my house washing machine chose to broke down on this day out of all days and times!!!

Leaving me with no choice, I had to take out the half-washed clothes and continued washing them MANUALLY!!!


Deep down in heart, cursing non-stop the stupid washing machine, thinking of what a moody morning I had.
But then, when I was checking some friends' blogs, I just couldn't help smiling when I came across hers.
(She managed to post it after 12am although she had a tiring Tuesday after her yoga class!)

You brighten up my gloomy day =D

Before our meeting, I was afraid of an awkward situation.
But it turned out to be....
I felt like I was meeting an old friend after all! ^_^


  1. hugs yee yee!!!

    ps: i have got fever, didn't go to work today,slept for half a day... woke up saw this post...I also couldn't help smiling only!haha

    ok la..old frend..i know wat u gonna more drink more water! =p

  2. Many people fell sick recently. My house also got one sick people and my bf's also sick.

    Haha, so smart! But I would like to add "Get well soon and MUST take good care of your health" ^_^

  3. hahaha, i have registered a new account already