Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yesterday 5-10pm on-call was tiring.

123 prescriptions with 400++ items in 5 hours!
Not to say to entertain those after office hours ward indents and even, diluting methadone syrup for a patient!

Back home, bathed, late-dinnered and started on my ward check report BUT half-way, I couldn't stand the sleepiness and I simply off my laptop and light in a blurry state. Off to sleep!


Woke up.

It's 735 a.m.!!!



Fortunately, I managed to punch in at 8 a.m. sharp. phew~

CPY, you can't let yourself waking up late again!!!

A little gift from seon

Due to last weekend on-calls, I missed out the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloons Fiesta.

Knowing that I couldn't go, Mr.Seon who went to the fiesta, was so kind enough to make this for me (to replenish my sadness)


~ Ta-da ~


Thanks, seon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

S.H.E. is the One, live in Malaysia 2010

This was the 4th time!!!


I went to watch S.H.E. concert. Again. It wasn't expensive ticket (as there were 5 of us going). If i bought expensive ones, the amount would give my dad a heart attack!!! =p

It wasn't easy either to watch this concert as I only managed to change my night shift (out of 31 days of March, my turn fell on the 6th!!! =.=) with a nice colleague few days earlier before the concert day. Thank you so muchie, LCY!!!

And... it rained heavily just when people were waiting in the queue to get into the stadium. By the time we got to our seats, we were in a mess! =.=''

That's why I prefer concerts or shows at Genting. No worries on the traffic, no worries on rainy weather and even cheapest tickets still can get good view.

However, it's worth all the waiting and mess, for...

I would say the show was better than the last one.

There were a few sections - pyjamas theme, KTV theme... I love the KTV theme section.... the MVs shown were so funny!!!

And almost all costumes were bling bling.. haha~

Yoga, the concert's guest...

THUMBS UP for the trio!

Their new album is calling for pre-order now! SHERO.... =p

My World Vision dream

March 13th, 2010. My World Vision dream is no more a dream!

Kid sponsoring, a thought for almost 8 years, I finally have the determination to realize it for myself! =)

Although it's just a small amount every month, hope my little bit of contribution helps.

Wondering who'll be my sponsored kid...


cc, who's been inspired by me even acted faster than me! I'm really a terrible procrastinator!!

yingying, we both have done it!!!


Anyone interested, please visit www.worldvision.com.my

Let us do our part if we're capable!

I'm going to miss the 2nd Putrajaya Int. Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

Just knew that the 2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta falls on next weekend!!!

I went to the 1st one during my final year!

Why didn't let me know earlier???

If I knew earlier, I wouldn't exchange my weekend call that's supposed at the end of the month to next weekend with my colleague!!!

Now I can't make it to go... I'm going to miss it out!

BIG SOBssssss

Seon, leave a space when you take photos so that you can crop my head and paste ther later on...

huhuhu~ T.T

Crazy Chap Goh Mei weekend

I guessed I must have gone nuts!!!

I worked for night shift on 26th Feb night and off work on 27th Feb morning. Back home for a shower and a quick packing up, then I jumped on to my friend's (CY) car, picked up another friend (LP) and OFF we went for our little Chap Goh Mei weekend breakaway!

How I managed to stay awake for more than 24 hours??? I don't know, =p

Post-night shift priority, being a passenger at the back seat ^_^

CY and her pillow, hihi~

First stop: Yong Peng ( to visit another friend, LY)

LY refused to join us to Singapore no matter how we persuaded her. Mind you, she has a heart made of steel! Wonder which guy out there can melt her steel heart one day... =p
(Eventually we found out that her reason of refusal was her passport has expired! =.='')

Spending half day in Yong Peng - eating Yong Peng's famous fish balls, girls' chat at LY's place, watching Taiwan shows (laughing our heads off and CY complained of stomach muscle pain later that night due to all the laughings!)

Personal sauna cubicle in LY's room - wOw~!!!

Continued our journey further to the south --> J.B.

Spending the night at LP's bro's place. Had a wonderful dinner at Masai! Then went for a round at Aeon Tebrau City.

Restoran Todak @ Masai, Johore.
A nice seaside seafood restaurant. It's halal!
(Thumbs up for this restaurant!)

Yummy-licious Indonesia prawns!!!
The sauce is terrific for mantao dippings!!

Next morning, off to Singapore.
After all the car-bus-bus-MRT-MRT- MRT rides (=.=''), we reached Sentosa and it's already noon. We chose to visit the Underwater World only as we needed to get back to Malacca later on.

Siloso beach that we didn't manage to go, huhu~

Sentosa, we will be back again for your CASINO, UNIVERSAL STUDIO, LUGE ride, SONGS OF THE SEA... soon. Hihihi~

Before calling it the end of the trip, we went for dinner at LP's place upon invitation of her lovely mum!! Thanks auntie!!!

First time having home-cooked meal at Malacca!
~ Felt so warm & sweet ~



Friday, March 5, 2010

Last day of CNY holidays

Forgive me, pls.. for I'm a BIG BIG procrastinator!!!

CNY had been over for nearly one month and I'm still posting about CNY! =p

Before heading back to the hectic routine of Malacca working life, on the last day of my CNY holidays, I went to e-Curve with my sis n bro... the main purpose was to watch 72 tenants

The only CNY movie I watched out of the so many CNY movies released this year,
and I watched it twice!
1 at KL, 1 at Malacca later on (the first movie I watched in Malacca after staying here for half a year!)

~Snapshots around~

I'm going to get a real pair of specs like this one soon!!