Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It ended

I am FINALLY DONE with my research project presentation TODAY!!!

Officially marked a full-stop to my tertiary education at University of Malaya.

Have to wait for my final exam results to see if I manage to graduate or not le...

Anyway, let the party begins... Anticipating for my planned trips..


The Journey of Eating

Went to Johor with a few coursemates to visit the hometown of a few other coursemates, located at Muar,Batong, Tangkak and Bukit Gambir. It was a trip fully scheduled with eating... Almost every 2 hours - makan, makan and makan only!

Here were what we had..

1st meal upon reaching Muar
3rd May, 5.00pm, Teatime - Fried oyster (YUMMY!), satay, otak-otak and wonton mee

3rd May, 8.00pm, Pre-dinner - Mee siput & apam balik (from pasar malam nearby).

3rd May, 8.30pm, Dinner - Batong's famous 'ikan bakar'

3rd May, 11.00pm, Supper + yamcha - tiramisu and white chocolate cakes

4th May, 10.30am, Brunch - Batong's asam fish & curry 'devil fish'

4th May, 1pm, Post-brunch - Rojak and '6-wei bing' (6-taste ice) at Tanjung

'Hong dou bing' (Red bean ice) - together with the rojak & 6-wei bing at Tanjung

4th May, 3.00pm, teatime - Tangkak's famous beef noodle

Dried beef meat (FOC from the beef noodle BOSS =p )

4th May, 4.30pm - Tangkak's rojak and red bean ice

4th May, 6pm - Second round rojak at waterfall >.<''

4th May, 8.30pm, Dinner at restaurant nearby to coursemate's house. (Sorry, no picture taken cos too busy eating, haha~)

5th May, 12.00am, Supper after K-session - yau char kwai & green bean paste dessert

5th May, 9.00am, Breakfast - Chicken rice, Herbal soup noodle.

5th May, 9.45am, before leaving Tangkak for KL - 'xue jia gao' prepared by coursemate's lovely mum! ;')


Chilling out at Gunung Ledang 'pool-pool'

K-session at the Recreation Centre for the 'Pasukan Bomba Sukarela' @ Bukit Gambir

Wonderful trip to the south! ^_^

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LEEHOM's Music Man Concert 2009

I went to see LeeHom last Saturday!! With my sis, sis' bf and bro. We went to watched him once 2 years back. He's still that good-looking, handsome, multi-talented in music and musical instruments. And this time, I think he became muscular too! All his costumes were sleeveless ^_^

He's the hero in music world. He wants to save the music world. That's him, LEEHOM, the Music Man!

The stage might look simple and plain. Dark background. However, it was totally a different story when the lightings were on and the concert began. The animation shown on the screen was terrific, together with the lightings and sound system, they made the concert so live and rhythmic.

I love the most when he played the violin and piano. It felt so romantic when he played the song 'When you wish upon the stars' using his violin. Thw way he played the piano was so energetic! *Applaud!* Not to forget, he's excellent with the drums and guitar too! This time, he brought his beloved new specially made guitar to Malaysia, 'Bahamut'! Well, I don't know about guitars, but Bahamut is such a unique guitar. If I've not mistaken, it has ruby for the dragon's eye on the guitar!

LeeHom played magical tricks in his concert this time. There was a crew imitating as him up on the stage and then suddenly he appeared at the centre of the stadium!!! Initially, I thought it was him on the stage and I was so confused, how come he could re-appeared at the centre of the stadium. =p

A concert that can be described as the name of his song - HEARTBEAT. It really made your heartbeat accelerated! Marvellous show!

The stage - before the concert began. Simple, plain, all dark background.

The stage - after the concert began (Sorry for the low quality of the picture, I took it with my mobile phone only & I sat so 'NEAR' to the stage, hehe =p

The 2 screens on the stage focused on LeeHom the whole person most of the time.

谢你爸谢你妈 Fraser Hill Trip

Was kind of 'busy' since my last paper ^_^ Therefore, no time for me to blog here. Although my blog is not a popular spot like seon's, but still wanna write something.. =p

Fraser Hill trip
27 after-exam students happily went up to Fraser Hill by 3 bas persiaran. There are outdoor activities such as archery, horse-riding, boating, jungle trekking, cycling available at Fraser Hill. But since we didn't sign up for any of those activities, we just stayed at the apartments.

This was such a crazy-fun trip! Not because of the facilities and activities available there, but because of the people I went with.

We played games, we laughed.
We chit-chatted, we laughed.
We camwhored, we laughed.
We ate and drank, we laughed.
We attended 谢你爸谢你妈' award presentation, WE LAUGHED!!

I think during the 2 days trip, I've laughed more that the frequency I usually laugh for ONE YEAR!!!

After this trip, almost everyone is addicted to the 'KILLER' game. This bunch of humans is extremely good in acting and cheating! Hahaha~

I'm going to MISS YOU ALL!!!

The 'Killer' game began... beware..

Steamboat food (enough for one whole village, haha)

TomYam soup... the other pot was herbal soup..

REBUT!!! Siapa lambat, dia tak dapat!!

Signing the railway-magazines

Sushi for breakfast - squeezed squeezed and picit picit by the sushi team. Hahahaha~

Girls posing at the balcony


Family photo ^_^

At first, there were just 2 ppl posing, suddenly whole bunch came running in >.<''

The Selangor water dam was behind (I forgot where it is located =p)