Monday, August 31, 2009

Satu Malaysia

"Satu Malaysia. Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian diutamakan"
"One Malaysia. People first, Performance Now."
Theme for 2009 Malaysia 52nd Independence Day.

Satu Malaysia... One Malaysia...
Hopefully we will really achieve this~



Composed & Produced by: Limkokwing Sound & Music Design Academy
Sung by: Ronnie, Ernie & Limkokwing Choir

Dunia kian berubah
Perubahan melingkari
Melaksana hasrat hati
Kejayaan terbukti

Dunia yang megah
Dengan misi yang gagah
Kerana perpaduan
Kita masih bersama

Kita satu bangsa, Kita satu Negara
Kita satu matlamat, oooo
Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara
Kita satu Malaysia

Bermulanya sekarang
Perjalanan dilaksana
Seia sekata sehati dan sejiwa

Membina masa hadapan
Menuju kejayaan
Kita semua rakyat Malaysia
Harmoni, saling menghormati

Chorus (x2):
Kita satu bangsa, Kita satu Negara
Kita satu matlamat, oooo
Kita satu bangsa, satu Negara
Kita satu Malaysia

To download 'Satu Malaysia', please click here.



Sunday, August 30, 2009

Siao brothers!

The story below tells how 'siao' my brothers are... (-.-'')


My 2 brothers were helping my mum mould biscuits...
Then, the elder one had a cunning thought.

Here's the masterpiece that he mentioned.


Siao anot, my brothers??



My brother loves to mould these~~~

Smile over gloominess (II)

How can I don't smile when seeing this?

Your message set my bother, worries & low-in-spirit ASIDE!!

I wanna have 2 more 'worry-free' holidays before back to reality to plan for my Malacca thing, cuz it's Malaysia's birthday - MERDEKA!!!



~ Thanks to CC for your support and the promised effort you've made ~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This morning KKM phone line was bombed by UM Pharmacy graduates! I tried calling berpuluh kali only could get through it~ -.-lll


I'm the only one in my batch who's posted to Malacca. T.T
My hope to stay at Perak or Selangor or KL crashed into pieces... (Wondering if I appeal, will I be able to get back to Perak???)

Compared to most of my coursemates, I guess I'm lucky. Quite a number of them got SARAWAK & PAHANG!! The rest were scattered to every corner of Malaysia - Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan, Sabah, Negeri Sembilan, Johor and Terengganu is also in the list!! All EXCEPT PENANG!!!


What had the UM Pharmacy graduates 2009 done to get this kind of fate??? Why can't we get what we wanted???

We were 'lelong' to the whole Malaysia...

Then came out a hypothesis that got someone complained KKM of their inefficiency to delay the posting and so on... So, KKM acted lor... Without waiting the seniors to come out from their PRP (Provisional Registered Pharmacist) places, KKM posted us to the readily available vacancies!! If this is true, HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN??!! We are willing to wait for our seniors to out first, KKM!!

Sorry, can't enlarge this pic. Just see the title. The translation is available as below~

Translation (from my coursemate):

Someone (I think is a fresh Pharmacy graduate) wrote to a particular newspaper saying:

Since now is the outbreak of H1N1 and hospitals are short of healthcare professionals, but the fresh graduates still cannot get their posting A.S.A.P. while they are ready & passionately to serve the public. She said the attitude of SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) and KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) people to keep delaying the interview and posting is very inappropriate. Instead of increasing the manpower by posting soon, they even asked private hospital staffs to work as part time and OT to cope with the situation is very unwise and might be dangerous. She urge the related personnels to change their working attitude and efficiency.

Personally, i think this kind of complaint had annoyed the KKM people and they reacted to accelerate the posting process BUT.... WHY UM STUDENTS HAVE TO BE THE VICTIMS???

My batch has around 60 persons. From the results, LESS THAN 10% got what they applied!!!



Due to this 'SUDDEN' chaos... I was forced to reject a part-time I got at KTAR Kampar as an exam attendant!!! haiz... T.T

That day beria-ria went to apply, thought could do some part-time before posting. Today the KTAR exam division staff called me to confirm, I have to 'paiseh-ly' turn her down. So SORRY!! As the latest news said that we need to report ourselves between 1st to 15th Sept. The exam attendant job is from 1st to 18th Sept!!! All because of KKM!!!



I found these at my house back compound!
Anyone know what are these???

Initially I thought they were just some broken wood branches. But I was WRONG!!! They're NOT!

They are some kind of WORMS!!! Camouflaged by the wooden appearance~

Wondering what genus & species they are... Anyone has the answer?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post-graduation (IV) 之 Taiping - Kampar Trip

20/8 - 22/8/2009

A bunch of 14 fresh graduates drove hundreds of kilometres, around 4 hours from KL to Taiping for a little break away, hehe~

Although there're not many attractions in Taiping, but anywhere's the same... the most important aspect is the companions you have. Agree?

I guess the pictures below will summarize the whole trip ^_^

@ Taman Tasik Taiping

from here, we walked walked walked, passed by a few more gardens until to the ZOO!

(Awwww~~ I'm the shortest!!! How could this happened??!!)

Dive into...??? =p
(Below was just the lower level ground only, haha~)

Deep in thoughts...
Overlooking at the water lilies pond a.k.a 'Pregnancy Pond'. There's a legend about this pond, once there was a lady who's desperate to have a child of her own, drank the water from this pond and SHE GOT PREGNANT AFTER THAT!
Believe it or not? Up to you lor..
So, you think the fellas above were thinking what?? =p

Final destination point of our walking session:
Zoo Taiping & Night Safari
(We just posed at the sign board only, didn't enter the zoo, oo-hohohoho~)

Next destination: Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark
Wet Bubble, claimed to be the 1st in Asia... or South East Asia?? (forgot)

The lifeguard who took our pic insisted us to pose in front of the wet bubble -.-lll

Yummy-licious roasted duck and sesame marinated pork (char siew)!!

Taiping local biscuits



As my coursemates were driving back to KL, so they dropped me at Kampar, hehehe~ Then since reached Kampar lor, of course went to eat Kampar famous Chicken Bread!!!

Curry chicken flavor chicken bread

Herb flavor chicken bread

You can see how excited they were!

Hand as fast as lightning!

Dessert: Freshly baked (still steaming when served) egg tarts

Immediate drowsiness effect after stomach fully treated, haha~

Kampar Chicken Bread @ dot dot dot Restaurant

Huggies to trip members for giving me another memorable trip experiences!

PS: My house hasn't been 'BOMBED' by so many visitors for so long ady, hahaha~ My dad and brother were a bit frightened by the numbers that packed up the living room, =p

Monday, August 24, 2009

Post-graduation (III) 之 Post-grad Photo-shooting

Robe-returning, transcript & degree certificate collecting, stage photo collecting AND post-graduation photo-shooting around Pharmacy Department & U.M.

Left: U.M. Pharmacy building
Right: Corridor along Pharmacy Department
(Wondering I still have chance to return to this place again...)

With our Head of Department, Dr. Ibrahim (the tiny man with moustache & beard =p) and 2 lecturers- Pn.Faizah and Dr.Chung

With our dearest Dr.Mike, Chemistry lecturer (He's so charming!!!)
PS: I had private lessons with him once together with another student in his office due to some reasons... Those times were great although a bit stressful (of course la, 1 to 2 wor..)

Left: Nyuk Jet, a friend from Science Faculty I knew through my YOGA CLASSES during 2nd year. Now she's doing her Master at Pharmacy Department under my uni mentor!!! The world is so small...

Center: Kak Mariah, the office clerk that had HELPED ME A LOT on the documenting and proceduring matters.

Right: Dr.Chung, the lecturer who had always cared and concerned about my academics.

Not able to take photos with:

Dr.Zoriah, my mentor who had been giving me support, guidance and advices throughout my uni life.

Dr.Riyanto, my final year research project supervisor who had provided me information, guidance and help on my work.

The tiny windows of our seminar room doors.

Inside the Seminar Room 4 (classroom for final year students)
I will miss the life in here!

Posing at the Canseleri building

DTC (Dewan Tunku Canselor)
U.M. main hall, the place where all the grand events take place.

U.M. 100 years sign board

She's trying to SNATCH MY SCROLL!!!

In remembrance of the H1N1 threat during 2009 convocation season, LOLS~

Serious - Freestyle - Hooray!!!
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

After everyone had settled all the matters (returned robe, collected transcript & photos), OFF WE WENT TO THE NORTH --> TAIPING!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Post-graduation (II) 之 Genting Trip

Genting Trip <17/8-18/8/2009>

At first this trip was supposed to be a family trip after my graduation. However, it ended up with just my sis, younger bro and me going. The reason was my dad didn't want to take leave off work for so many days (my sis only managed to book First World hotel room for Monday night). My dad has to take 3 days leave in order to go and my youngest bro need to skip 2 days classes and my cousin has to skip 2 days school... MAH FAN-nya! SOOOO, in the end, we tiga orang pergi lor...

3 PERSONS, 2 ROOMS!!! ^_^ oh-hohohoho~

Black pepper drumstick set from Cold Storage.
We waited at the hotel lobby from 2 something to 6pm only could checked in, about 300 numbers!!! Too hungry during the wait, beh tahan stomach growling so ate at the lobby, haha~ The aunties and uncles around us STARED & LAUGHED at us, so PAISEH nia!

Moved to Starbucks to wait for checking in.

K-dinner at BE A STAR

Post-breakfast: Mister Potato & 'wooi fan shu' (my sis's favourite, hoho~)

Before leaving, caterpillar monorail ride. Bro nearly got stucked at the window rail and while trying to climb over to another compartment! hahahaha~

Post-graduation (I) 之 Family Photo-shooting

The next day after my graduation, my whole family and my aunt & uncle plus 2 cousins went to the only photo studio found near my aunt's house at Bandar Sri Damansara, Protake Photo Studio, for our family photo-shooting.

Some of you might be wondering why my aunt, uncle and 2 cousins were together with my family for the photo-shooting.

Well, the story is like this...

This aunt and uncle are my sister and brother's godmum and goddad. Since they don't have their own children, they took my sister and brother as their god-children. One of the cousins (mentioned earlier) is my aunt and uncle's god-child too. So, in short, this aunt, uncle, my sister, brother and the cousin are ONE FAMILY also. Confused? Haha~

Then why got another cousin who appearred le? This one is being taken care by my mum since he was 2 years old (now he's 8 years old). So, bring him along for the shooting. Clear tak?? =p

This was the first time that my family went for a proper family photo-shooting at a studio although my sis and brother had graduated 2 years and a year ago separately. Both of them postponed it until my graduation.

So the session started.

I took solo-ly then with family then with my 3 siblings. Each pose got a few shots.

~ chik chak chik chak chik chak ~

Then my aunt and uncle's turn.
Their 'family' photo followed by their husband-wife photo.

~ chik chak chik chak chik chak ~



Here's the cheeky time! While the photographer went outside to transfer the photos to pc for us to select, my siblings and I stayed back and started our little own photography session, hehehe~

Mr. & Mrs. Chong (I look like my mum, shorty and meaty T.T)

L to R: Me, Daniel (the cousin that my mum takes care of), Sis, Younger bro

Studio photo taken by ourselves, hehe~

Mum & Aunt (2 sisters)

Younger bro who loves self-candid -.-ll

Youngest bro who LOVES self-candid -.-lll

After a few shots, we went outside also to start selecting the photos we wanted. The discussion about the photo size and what frame and whether want to be textured or not took the longest time!

At last.... we left the shop. The whole session took us ~ 2 hours ++.

(My legs were already aching due to the high heels by the time we left -.-ll)

Hohoho~! My graduation gifts

In order to repay all your kindness and thoughtfulness to buy me convocation gifts, this post is dedicated to the people mentioned below.
Thank you so so so so much! MUACKSSSS!!!


1. CC for his bouquet. (Still got another gift but hasn't reached my hands yet, hehe~)

2. My Kamparian buddies for the Minnie balloon, plush flowers bouquet, photo frame, bear crystal and perfume.
Thanks to: WeiChong, SoonTak, KahWey, SiYun, FoongYeng, Engchi, MeiYi, Seon, MeiWan, KhimHoe, April, HueyWuen, SiauYen, Josephine, Neoh, ChoonHoong, SueJin & PickWan.

3. My uni buddyline juniors for the bag, lilies bouquet & a LOVELY card.

I love this card very much! Thank you, my dears: CheokMen, CheeLing, ChuHong & WanNee

4. LihChing (my 'ex-coursemate cum Mandarin teacher' during my first year in uni ^_^)

5. My Dad, Grandma, Aunt & Uncle for their angpows $$$, YAY!!!

6. My sis, her boyfriend and bros for the Topshop 'Ernie & Bert' undies, wahahaha!!!

7. RueyChyi for the call and gift (although it hasn't reached my hands also, hehe~)

It's a bit disappointing that you couldn't make it to my graduation that day. Hope everything is going well for you.

8. YingYing, Engchi, PeatKwan, HueyWuen & CheeWai for the SMS-es; May & SookKuan who are at Aussie for their warm wishes.


I'm SO HAPPY that I have SO many great friends and family who love me, support me and care for me.


(PS: Apologies if I've missed out anyone that I didn't thank ya =p)