Tuesday, December 22, 2009


买汤圆。。。 买汤圆。。。 小二的汤圆是圆又圆。。。


一碗充满爱心及温暖的 Jusco pre-packed 汤圆 。

Knowing that a few of us who are not Malacca locals, can't celebrate winter solstice and eat 'tang yuan' with family, you bought, cooked and brought some for us! It's so thoughtful of you!



~ 冬至快乐 ~

Happy winter solstice to all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas season at malls

A night out with my uni junior buddy @ One U.

We dined at Nando's and walked around as she said that she haven't been to One U since her first year!! Being her nice senior buddy, of cuz offerred to bring her there. She accompanied me to buy my FIRST ff bear, hehe~


Outing @ Sunway Pyramid with crazy sis and bro (and a naughty little fella!)

He can make you laugh and get irritated at the same time!

A extremely tiring Saturday for me as after the Pyramid outing, I drove back to Malacca to prepare to work for night shift that day. Stayed up whole night, only got to sleep at 10 something the next morning. @.@

Car decors

Nowadays, many people put those solar-powered swinging head miniature in their cars. I wanted to but my mum prohibited me from decorating my car with stuffs that would make it looked so girlish~


After listening to her advice for sometime, now I changed my mind. It's time for a little decoration! =p

Lovely 'spring-powered' swinging head Minnie miniature on the front dashboard.
(Wondering how's her partner, Mickey now...)

The pair of 龟仔和龟女 at the back of the car, looking out from the rear screen.

(This one is not a decor actually)
My windscreen sun shield : Mickey and Friends!

Forever friends bear
(My FIRST ever ff bear)

just bought~ hehe

It will be my companion during the lonely journey Mlc-KL-Mlc!
The bear itself also have a companion, ^_^

Guess that's enough for a car??

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Souvenirs from Taiwan

Requested souvenirs from Mr. CC, flew back from Taiwan.
It's darn expensive at Guard**n and I eventually found out it's sold at PASAR MALAM!!!
Anyway, I got imported ones.. =)
Thank you so muchie~!

Initially I got 4 boxes but one box has been snatched by my sis and bro!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

After so long.... finally movie for me!

Today went to Ipoh with some hometown friends, with the intention to watch 2012 (I have compnanions! who are same outdated with me, hoho~). At the cinema there, it was like watching movie was free cuz almost all the movies we wanted to watch were sold out for almost shows for the day! In the end, we bought tickets to watch 'A Christmas Carol'.

Got seats at the last row. Excited cuz I havent hit the cinema for so long! HOWEVER... the screen that I watched for the whole movie show was like this.....

A tall 'Singh' was sitting in front of me.
His head covered half of the height of the screen (when he's not sitting straightly).

When he sat straightly.....

~ sweat ~

I had to strained my neck, moved to the left and right, trying to watch the movie for that 1 hour and 40 minutes.

My long-awaited movie outing was spoiled!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A frog and a snake

This is not a fairy tale story.

It's about what I saw in my house kitchen yesterday.

I was back at home ~8pm yesterday, went to bathroom to wash my legs, flicked on the light and I saw...


What I saw when the light was fully on gave me a full strength dose of adrenaline!!!

For illustration purpose only. Not according to the actual scale.

But the scenario was true!
It was a baby snake and the frog was a normal size small frog.

Ending of the story???

The frog jumped out from the kitchen (through the gap at the bottom of the back door).

I stood guarding the snake while waiting for my housemate to back. In the end, the snake took the opportunity to glide out from the kitchen through the door gap also as my housemate was doubting to kill it or not.


*** fingers crossed ***