Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"See RED"

I saw RED today!
(Please stop thinking what that first come to your mind! It's not that! =p)

I had an ampoule prick injury!
(It's containing morphine!)


Yesterday I broke 20 ampoules without any problem, but today...

Just 2 ampoules and my thumb started to bleed. I didn't realized when the ampoule had injured me.

I blame myself for my poor ampoule breaking skill!

Next time I should wrap the breaking area with gauze first in order to have an extra layer of protection.

Fortunately it's not some used needle prick injury, if not...
incident report has to be done, blood test has to be done, bla bla bla...

I need more practices!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My 'Huat-aahhh~!' CNY holidays

1 day 2 sessions, from Chor 1 to Chor 5
Our so-called 'bai nian cum black jack Kampar Tour'!!!



Monday, February 22, 2010

Random shots @ Pre-CNY

~ Paws-perity ~
I forced my sis to bring me to One Utama to see these Miao-Miao the day before heading back to Kampar for CNY! =p


"I'm the buggy buggie-eee!"

1st lou sang for this TIGER year

Mimicking 'Choi San Yeh'???


Pre-CNY was ended with TV watching and crapping with sis and bros.

Here comes the TIGER!!!!
Tata to the COW, see you in another 12 years time!!!

It's Malacca life again

After a week of paradise life at Kampar, I'm back at Malacca once again.
*** sigh ***

End of holidays, start of working!
*** sigh (again) ***


But no 'hoi gong' angpow from my boss...
*** sign (again & again) ***

I need to search back my abandoned working motivation and spirit!

(But there's still another week of CNY to go! How-le? Work hard? or Play hard?)

I will say: BOTH.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

CNY shopping spree-eee-eee~

I got myself a belated christmas & new year pressie 2 weeks ++ ago!


An iphone 3GS!!!

But today only officially start using it. Huge thanks to my bro for installing all the softwares inside, got it screen protected, bought pouch for it...
REWARD for him was I let him use it for 2 weeks, wahaha~


Today went to Mid Valley with my sis and bro for my first proper shopping in MONTHS!!!

(Hope it wont died of bleeding... =p)

Apart from the must-buy-items this coming CNY for myself, I bought my iphone an attire too!

ROXY dress for my iphone!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Malang tidak berbau

Today I have to tumpang my head of unit's desk to work on my chemotherapy calculations cuz the desk for CDR (Chemotherapy Drug Reconstitution) PRPs was affected by falling ceiling incident (MALANG 1)

According to my colleague who worked till 10pm yesterday, nothing has happened yet. So, the incident was believed to occur between 10pm until this morning 730am. LUCKILY IT DIDNT FALL WHEN I WAS SITTING THERE!!! (My working desk was there afterall.... pheW!!!)

A hole in the ceiling
(I believe the cause was some leaking pipe which then softened the ceiling and BOOM!)

Pieces of debris and a pool of 'muddy' water...

Everyone had to jump over in order to get to the other side (including my big boss =p) before the mess was cleaned up.


Today CDR so good business! 25 cases in a day! (MALANG 2)
And I had to go in to assist in the chemo drug reconstitution which meant all the changing to personal protective equipment thingy (mask, gloves, special cover shoes, cap, gown)

25 cases, went into the chemo drug preparation room from 11am to 4pm!!! No lunch, no toilet no water to drink... nearly pengsan of dehydration and hypoglycemia @.@

and the most tiring part was...

There were lots of the infusion normal saline drip today which required less than 500ml.
Our readily available infusion drip bottle is 500ml each.

Those required included 7x200ml; 6x250ml; 4x100ml and 1x300ml

which means

I need to syringe out 7x 300ml; 6x250ml; 4x400ml and 1x200ml
( in order to get the required volume)

which further means

I need to syringe each time 50ml--> total = 108 times of 50ml!!!
(since the largest syringe is just 50ml)

And it was quite hard to syringe out due to the air pressure... my arms and fingers are aching now ( MALANG 4)




It's been quite some time since my last post.
My internet connection is so lame and lousy recently T.T


Back to the topic of this post...

Bunch of letters & bills awaited me when I got home couple of weeks ago.
Insurance, phone, credit card, MPS (Malaysian Pharmacy Society)... and there~~
a postcard with the scenery of 'Xi Tang, China' covered with lovely warm wishes for the new year 2010~

That's why I called it: