Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chilling out in sunny days

Since May, people around me, people I know had been flying to Bali for vacation. And thanks so much to Mr.Chew that I had the opportunity to chill out at this famous spot of vacation last month. It was a short but wonderful one.

Where I went / What I did:

Day 1

Kuta/ Legian street - There are lots of stuffs up for grab from crafts to clothes to sandals to surfing's accessories. Not to forget a whole variety of restaurants and bars, serving western food, chinese food, japanese food and of course balinese food to choose when your stomach cries for hunger. Exploration began after a short rest upon checking into out hotel, Vilarisi Hotel.

walk walk walk ~ shop shop shop ~ walk walk walk ~ shop shop shop (hehehe)

We had our first dinner at a restaurant named 'B couple Bar & Grill'. The food was nice but the portion was so big than we couldn't finish up our food. Sorry for wasting (guilty).

Day 2 (arranged by 1-day tour guide)

~ Barong & Kris Dance (the dance's choreographed based on a story)

~ Nusa Dua beach, famous spot for water sport activities such as diving, parasailing, flying fish, jet ski, banana boat etc. We went for glass bottom boat ride, turtle island and flying fish.

~ Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

~ Uluwatu Temple (built hundreds of metres above the cliff). Beware of monkeys loitering around, eyeing on the tourists' food, glasses and hats!

~ Jimbaran beach for sunset view and romantic dinner

Day 3

Joined Happy Bike Cycling Tour for a ~2.5hours cyling expedition around Ubud. Along the way, we stopped to visit:

~ Breakfast at a restaurant overlooking the active volcano, Mount Batur (It was such a breathtaking view!)

~ Coffee plantation (Specialty: Luwak coffee which costs Ru600k for 100g coffee beans!)

~ Short walk at paddy field

~ Balinese village temple

~ Traditional Balinese home (where we had a Balinese lunch)

Along the cycling, children came running out to say 'Hello' or stretching out their hands- 'Give me 5!' They were so lovely and friendly.

At night, continued walking and shopping around Kuta/ Legian street. We got to visit the Bomb Memorial of 2002 bombing incident.

Day 4

An extremely early morning stroll at Kuta beach, enjoying the ocean view, waves splashing onto the shore, watching people jogging and surfing.

Back to hotel and packed up.

Bye-bye Bali!

There are still alot of places I didn't managed to visit. I will be back! ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When SPA letter comes...

Finally after lazing for about 2 months, the SPA letter came.

"Tahniah. Anda telah dilantik sebagai Pegawai Farmasi Gred U41. Bla bla bla...."

After going through the whole letter together with its attachments, I realized that I had 3 things in hand to settle.

1. Sign the Surat Terima and send back to SPA in Putrajaya. (settled)
2. Get the Surat Sumpah signed and chopped by a Pesuruhjayasumpah. (settled)
3. Do medical check up. (half settled)

For sure, if you pay for something, you will get it in a short time. I remember before entering university, we were required to do a medical check up also, and I did it at a private centre (of course I paid for it). The report, the x-ray and my form were settled in just one morning.

This time, the same kind of medical check up, I chose to do it at a government clinic.
(It's FOC)

Last week Friday, 8am

Me: Hello, saya nak buat medical check up untuk masuk kerja kerajaan.
Staff: Surat tawaran?
Me: Ini dia.
Staff: (Scanning through my letter) Ok, check up hanya ada pada hari Isnin dan Rabu, pukul 2 petang.
Me: Oh, ok. Nanti saya datang lagi minggu depan lah. Thank you.
Staff: Ok.

This week Monday, 1.45pm
The clinic was closed for lunch-time. Waited outside until 2pm, door opened.

Me: Hello, saya nak buat medical check up.
Staff 1: Duduk sebelah dulu. Tunggu clerk datang nanti.

Waited for another 10 minutes...

Me: Kak, nak buat medical check up.
Clerk: Ok, pergi bilik No.1.
Me: Pergi saja ke bilik No.1? Sudah ada orang kat situ?
Clerk: Yaya.
Me: Thank you.

Found room No.1, knocked at the door - no response. The clerk just now told me already had staff here in the room one wor. Knocked again - no response. So, waited outside.
2.10pm... (tick tick tick) 2.20pm... (tick tick tick) 2.30pm..
Finally a nurse opened the room No.1 door from inside. (Apa ni, lunch until 2.30?? The notice pasted at the door clearly written
'Medical check up Isnin & Rabu 2-4pm')

Me: Kak, nak buat medical check up.
Nurse: Baru nak buat sekarang atau datang ambil report?
Me: Ya, nak buat sekarang.

Then she started filling up forms - urine test form, x-ray form, log book and the health form that I brought along. For my health form, she just started ticking away the boxes in my form, pausing at a few aspects to ask me.

Nurse: Timbang berat tengok.
Nurse: Tinggi? Tak ingat? Ok, mari.
(Then she checked my height)
Nurse: Pakai cermin mata kan? (I nodded. She didn't check my eyesight, and just filled in the box at the column 'penglihatan dengan cermin mata')
Nurse: Gigi ada rosak? (Takde)
Nurse: Hari ini x-ray tak ada. You boleh datang esok untuk buat x-ray? (Boleh)
Nurse: So sekarang you pergi kencing untuk urine test, lepas tu boleh balik dah. Esok pagi datang buat x-ray. Form ini you ambil balik rumah dulu. (Then she checked the calendar and wrote 3/8/2009 at certain column. I saw the column was 'Datang balik pada...' What?! 2 weeks later??? -.-'')

SHE DIDN'T EVEN TOLD ME TO COME BACK ON 3/8/2009! sweat-nya...

Yesterday, Tuesday, 8.15am

After asking the reception, I was directed to the x-ray unit. Finally I managed to get my chest x-ray done in less than an hour. PHEW!

Now I have to wait for 2 weeks to see the doctor, get my lab test report, x-ray AND get my health form filled and signed (MOST IMPORTANT ONE).

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vacation at Taiwan (Day 6 & 7)

Day 6

Another wonderful meal after the Five-dime meal the night before at King Ping Tea Restaurant.

'Xiao Loong Bao' and other dim sum we had

Sour-spicy soup (yuM-Yum)

'Mei Ling Song Gao'

The 'Princess House'

The King of Mao shaking hand with our Tun Dr. Mahathir

Products by the aboriginals - Royal Jelly

阿兵哥 demonstrating marching skills

People serious at the back, we main-main at the front, lols

Wondering if he knew I was behind~

National Palace Museum
(It has so many pieces of antiques and artifacts that they are to be displayed according to seasons)

Taipei 101

We walked 2 streets away from the Taipei 101 to get to this place just for the photo-shooting

Snacks & food found at Shih Lin Night Market


七里香 (guess what is it?)

Taiwan's original pearl milk tea
(There's only one taste, not like those in M'sia - peppermint, apple, jasmine etc.)

Ah Zong Mee Suah since 1975
All the people just stood by the stall and eat the mee~

The last night after all the Shih Lin Night Market food, of course it was the chance to SHOP! We spent our money to the last dollar in Xi Men Ding and Wu Fen Pu, hehe~

Day 7

We woke up at 4 something as our flight back to KL was scheduled in early morning. We had our breakfast in the bus on the way to airport, listened to the final words from our Taiwan guide, Judy. She's such a great tour guide!

After all the checking-in procedures, a brief farewell to Judy, off we went to check-in, waiting for our flight to take off. Bye-bye Taiwan!

(Judy, 2009)

Shots throughout the trip
The magnificent colourful ceiling found at one of the MRT station~

Betel nuts shops were found almost everywhere in Taiwan
(Of course there're stories about the betel nuts girls~)

The eight of us with our tour guides, Judy and Cindy (those 2 beside me)

The only group photo~ The uncles and aunties were very nice!

Salted-egg superman! Haha~
Chocolates given by one of the kind uncle ^_^