Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation at Taiwan (Day 5)

Day 5

Day 5 was mostly spent at Alisan Forest Park. The journey was tiring, it took about 2 hours to reach up there. But it was worth, the air was cool, trees, flowers, beautiful nature~

Weird looking tree bark

'Three Brothers'

'Four Sisters'
The legend of the sister ponds

The younger sister's pond

The elder sister's pond

We blocked the bottom part of the heart =p

This is what wasabi is made from

Our dinner for the day was very special. The restaurant was named 'Five-dime' (Wu Jiao Chuan Ban). Anyone visiting Taiwan, have to dine at this restaurant if possible. There are a couple of branches around Taiwan. The one we went to was located at Taichung. Have a look at this restaurant, how unique it is.

It was named after the owner found a 'wu jiao' on a wood plank

The glasses, bowls, plates were all handmade

The restaurant was designed by the owner, a lady..

Whole restaurant looked so artistic

The stairs, such a beautiful design

All the sculptures and decorations in the restaurant are the owner's masterpieces

The 'senget-kepala-long-hair-girl' is all over the restaurant, haha~
This one is at the entrance.

Such a unique hand-washing basin!!!
Got guy mistaken it as the place for him to ease himself before, hahaha~

Kepala senget girls again, as the bench

Again, this time as the tiang

Such a wonderful place to dine at... I could say this dinner was the best during the whole Taiwan trip! =)
After the nice dinner, off we went to Fong Jia Night Market (located next to University Fong Jia). This night market was more towards fashion clothes, bags, accessories etc.. but still we tried on some food which was famous. All the gals back to hotel with 'hasil'. Hehehe~

'大肠包小肠' - 'Big sausage wrap small sausage'

Our 'Twin-towers-instant-noodles' bought from Carrefour

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation at Taiwan (Day 4)

Day 4
On Day 4, we went for fruit picking at a farm. However, none of us really went to pick, we just posed with the fruits only and of course trying on the FOC fruits, LOLS~

Forgot it's mango or jambu air =p
Yellow= Milk mango, Red= Apple mango
After that, off we went to Fo Guang Shan, to see the gigantic Buddha statue, 500 'luo han', museum about Buddha's knowledge and artifacts.

The gigantic Buddha statue

Posing for the uncle & auntie in our tour, haha~

Part of the 500 'luo han'

It was such an exercise at the Fo Guang Shan (from it's name, it's built on a hill). With energy draining out, of course it's time to replenish our energy. LUNCH at Mei Non Hakka Village. We got to try on a few Hakka dishes. YUM YUM! After lunch, we spent some time looking around the village.

Mei Non Hakka Village

Waiting food to be served

Master Zhang. He's capable to produce music tunes out of anything (newspaper, saw, tin, etc.)

'Pembunuh upahan' =p

Hakka 'lui cha'. It's different from the lui cha in Malaysia.

Very sunny, eyes also couldn't open wide~

Spring and Autumn Pavilions

Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel @ Dream Shopping Mall

Top level of Dream Shopping Mall

' 我的美丽日记' masks, NT$399 for 2 boxes
I regretted for not buying more, sob sobs

After 'window shopping' at Dream, it's time to jalan-jalan cari makan at Leo Ho Night Market.

Tour guide's recommendation: Papaya milk (Famous drink) and bitter gourd juice

Watermelon in cubic form~

Leo Ho Night Market (It's more to food rather than shopping, hehe)

Seafood porridge, smelly tauhu, oh jian, black pepper BBQ prawns

'guan cai (coffin) ban'
Balik hotel tidur after full-until-wanna-vomit of Taiwan's night market food and snacks, hohohoho~~~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation at Taiwan (Day 3)

Day 3

The day started by visiting the Taroko National Park. What's so special with this place? Erm.. you can find mountains every direction you turn to.. It was a very beautiful sight-seeing of mountains and clouds on the top.

Taroko National Park

Cloudy day, nice weather

Aaaahhhhh... heeeelppp!!

After lunch, we went to a stone and jade factory/ shop. There were lots of beautiful sculptures from stones and jades. From this visit, we got to learn how to differentiate stone and jade. Light can go through a genuine jade. =)

Stone sculpture

Vegetable jade sculpture

See? You can see light coming from inside of the vase

The representative's demo to us on how to determine a genuine jade

Beautiful ruby sapphire stars (Each just costs around NT$1500!!!)

I saw my fav character there! MICKEY stone sculpture

The fountain outside

On the list next was visiting Ling zhi & Tea Centre. We were given a little 'talk' on the functions and advantages of ling zhi as well as deer foetus. (P/S: Got to drink ling zhi FOC!!! hehe~)

The browny thing in my hands was a deer foetus (we were told that it is good for respiratory problems), the browny thing on the right was ling zhi

The staff there told us by touch the 'weapon', one can get pregnant. Haha~

We continued our day with the visit to the Rei Suei Leisure Farm where we could find products freshly made from the milk produced by the dairy cows there. Got cheese cakes, special brewed coffee using the milk by the dairy cows, milk nougats. The milk nougats were YUMMY!!!

Feeding the dairy cow

SS at the farm

Before leaving, all got 'hasil' from the farm - milk nougats!!

With the farm visit, we called it day. For the third night, we spent at Taitung, Chihpen Hot Spring!! Our dinner was at the hotel itself. After a rest post-dinner, it's time to 'pao wen quan'!!

The water's clear and it was nearly 40 degree celcius!! Masak-lo

Training on 'qi gong'
After the 'wen quan', end of third day, SLEEP!! =)